sábado, 20 de dezembro de 2008

The Ferradura´s park, or Alameda, in winter

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Kris disse...

I can only apologise for cutting and pasting this comment, but there was no way on Earth I would be able to make it around the whole globe to wish everybody a Merry Christmas otherwise. It pains me to admit that I am a mere mortal and that the magical elves on my staff have little respect for my authority (let alone my preference for minimum wage). Consequently, all they seem to do is sit around drinking beer, playing cards and throwing rocks at the reindeer!

Anyway, from myself, Henry and Ezra, have a Merry Christmas/Winter Solstice/Hanukkah/Festivus and a happy New Year!

I hope that all of your holiday photos turn out to be triumphs, and may your stocking be stuffed full of lots of tasty treats and not coal, that all your soufflés rise as you would like, and that all of your presents are free of lead-based paint!

Greg Dimitriadis disse...

I have an award for you at my blog, just to say thanks for the beautiful and interesting pictures youùve been posting! Your take pictures of an absolutely magical place that I really want to visit one day. You do not have to acknowledge or pass on the award if you don't want to.

MaCoBra disse...

You are on of the blogs I follow, great to have a peek at Santiago from time to time. Feliz Navidad from Woerden blog!

bitingmidge disse...

That's a beautiful shot, the buildings look as though they are from a movie set... well done!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

cat disse...

be entertained

Jimmy disse...

Hehe, then imagine what it would be during the winter! :)

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