quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2009

A Torre do Reloxo

Yesterday seemed like winter in Compostela: rain, nobody going out and silence in the afternoon. A very good day shoot any photo to the Porta Santa in Quintana. This is the end of the camino when is holly year, like next year.

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julia disse...

Looks dramatic on such a day with very little sunshine. I really liked the photo few days ago in the early morning with the people on the open area.

Mo disse...

The grey day makes the church look very dramatic.

Sarah disse...

It's my first visit from here. I am CDP blogger who will start her second blog by the next month.I live in Mashhad, Iran.
As well as I am architect, I wrote an article for a conference in Spain that will be held on April 2010. Last night they contacted me and said my paper is accepted! The conference Eco-Architecture 2010 will be in La Coruña. This is just GREAT for me to visit Spain! I tried to find some information about the city but I knew that there is no CDP blog from La Coruña.

If you can give me help just make a feed back on my CDP blog.



Houston Divorce Lawyer disse...

The architecture of this building is great. Thanks for sharing this photo.

Jimmy disse...

Wow, very nice gothic architecture! Really enjoyable, mostly when the weather is moody! Makes you dream about the past.

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